North Coventry Township Tax Information

Local Income Tax is 1.25%.  Of the 1.25% paid by each resident on earned income, .25% is dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of Open Space  in the township and cannot be used for any other purpose.  The Township receives .50% which goes into the Townships General Fund for the main purpose of operating the Police Dept, Roads Dept and Township Administration responsibilities.  The remain .50% of the Township Earned Income Tax goes to the Owen J Roberts School District.

Per Capita Tax of $10 per year per resident. This income is dedicated to operating the Police Dept, Roads Dept and Township Administration responsibilities. The Per Capita Tax of $10 is for general revenue purposes on people 18 and over. Individuals may apply for exonerations of such taxes for reasons of low income, double assessments or military service. Questions can be directed to the tax collector Nance Sparks at 610-970-0334.

LST Tax ($52) . A tax of Fifty-Two ($52.00) Dollars on the privilege of engaging in an occupation in the township. This tax is used for emergency and municipal services. It is collected by Keystone Tax Bureau through employers and direct payment by taxpayers including non-residents. There is an exemption from the tax for anyone whose total income from all sources of employment is less than twelve thousand ($12,000.00) dollars. Questions on this tax can be direct to Keystone Tax Bureau (888-328-0558). <View LST Ordinance Here>

Nance Sparks, Tax Collector for Real Estate and Per Capita Tax
Phone 610-970-0334

Real Estate/Property (2.35 mils) and Per Capita Taxes ($10)

Residents may pay their real estate/property and Per Capita taxes electronically through MuniciPAY.  Click here to be directed to the MuniciPAY website

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