Ed DiCesare, Chairman
Albert Wrigley, Vice Chairman
Virginia Lebon
Charles G Stacks
Mark Flynn

Establishment of Districts

North Coventry Township is divided into the following base districts and overlay districts. To view complete Zoning Ordinance Chapters click here

 Base districts. All land in the Township is divided into base zoning districts. These districts set limits and requirements for all land uses within their boundaries.

  RC Resource Conservation District
  RR Rural Residential District
  R-1 Residential District
  V-1 Village District (Cedarville)
  V-2 Village District (Kenilworth)
  TC-1 Town Center Residential District
  TC-2 Town Center Mixed Use District
  C-1 Commercial District
  C-2 Commercial Parking District
  C-3 Planned Commercial District
  C-4 Neighborhood Commercial District
  I-1 Administrative and Research Industrial District
  I-2 Industrial District

Overlay districts. Overlay districts apply regulations to specific areas in addition to those regulations of the underlying base district.

  Flood Plain Conservation District
  Natural Resource Conservation District
  Interchange District
  Scenic Preservation District
  Historic Preservation District
  Ridgeline Protection District
  Communications Towers, Antenna and Equipment District
  Well Head Protection Overlay District.
  Water Budget Impact Zone Overlay District.
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