Dear Amphibian Friends,

     Thank you for a successful 10th year! So many people to thank. Thank you to North Coventry Township for letting me close down Wells Road for the kids and for your support! Thank you to the North Coventry Police for lending me the cones and barricades that I use for safety. Thank you to Chief Schurr, for the station-to-house delivery! Thank you to all the volunteers who came out and helped! Thank you to all the volunteers who were on-call when nothing happened. Thank you to my neighbors for driving carefully when they see the volunteers on rainy nights. And finally, thank you to my family and friends for putting up with my weather reports and worries from February until April! Here is a ballpark of what we helped this year. Beginning on February 25th and ending on March 31st. We were out volunteering five nights.
Spotted Salamanders:  293
Jefferson Salamanders:  5
Wood Frogs: 210
Spring Peepers:  18
American Toads:  10
Spotted Salamanders: 7
Wood Frogs: 25
Spring Peepers: 2
American Toads:  2
     Many of you have asked me about the American Toads and when they migrate. We help the “explosive migrations” such as the two types of salamanders and wood frogs. The toads don’t have “explosive migrations” and they come to the vernal pool later. They are even harder for me to predict than the salamanders and wood frogs because they can cross when it is not raining. If you are really interested you can send me your phone numbers for a group text, but it would be really last minute since I don’t know until I happen to be outside when they decide to move. 
     One final plug…..On April 22nd (Earth Day) I will be in D.C. attending the Science March. I do believe the numbers of amphibians we help each year are decreasing. I feel the increasing temperatures are affecting the amphibians and they are very susceptible to changes in their environment. I will also be down for the Climate March on the 29th. I think of myself as the modern day Lorax  (minus the mustache). The Lorax is a Dr. Seuss character who speaks for the trees (and the amphibians) for they have no tongues (well the amphibians do, but they still don’t speak)!  I know I am preaching to the choir if you are on the amphibian alert email list, so keep up the good work and keep the pressure on our politicians to keep the planet healthy!
Thank you,