2018-05-12 19:22 Out-Building Fire


MSG:05/12/18 ** 19:22:12 ** Dispatch ** FIRE-OUT BUILDING/SHED ** 2031 POTTSTOWN PIKE ** – **

SCVNTY ** WEDGEWOOD DR AND CADMUS R ** ** ** 6205 ** ** 19:21:31 ct07 FIRE IN WOOD SHED19:21:57 in15 PETE19:22:11 ct07 SHED ABOUT SIZE OF 2 CAR GARAGE – TRACTOR INSIDE – APPROX 500 FT FROM HOUSE ** F18019815 ** (End)


Fire calls are posted on this site to bring awareness to the dedication of the volunteer firefighters of the Norco Fire Company. These brave individuals leave their homes at all hours of the night and day to respond to all calls regardless of the seriousness in an effort to serve their community.

Thanks and gratitude also goes out to the active social members of the Norco Fire Company.  It is their behind-the-scenes help and fund raising efforts that make it possible for the firefighter to do their job!!!

These fire call posts are public record. Any information that may be personal or identifying is removed..