Hello Amphibian Friends,

     Looks like a perfect night for some amphibians to migrate to the vernal pool! If you would like to come and help make sure they make it safely across the road, you can come over after dark (around 7:35pm). If you come in from Hill Camp Road and park on the right of Wells Road we can avoid squishing anyone accidentally. 

I will put cones on Wells Road so you can park behind them. SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY, all humans need to observe the rules in the newsletter and keep yourselves safe. Don’t forget a non-metal bucket, flashlight/headlamp, and safety vests if you have them. I will be in the Highlander at the top of Wells to welcome you and tell you the plan of action and take your tally of what you have crossed before you leave. 

     We did have some migration on Friday night during the thunderstorm so you may see salamanders and frogs leaving the pool and coming into the pool. If there are cars coming and you need to pick them up, try to put them down on the side of the road that they were heading.

     Thanks for your caring and time!! Happy Spring!

Kim White