Coventry Woods Festival
Schedule of Events
May 20th 2018
1pm to 5pm

Event Schedule

Below is a list of events with time and location for the 2018 Coventry Woods Festival being held on Sunday May 20 from 1pm to 5pm.  Everyone is welcome to join us for the 10th anniversary of this great festival.

The festival is held at the Coventry Woods Park located at 1954 Saint Peters Road, North Coventry Township.

1:00 Welcome @ the Event Stage
1:15 Marionette Show @ the Fernbrook Lodge
1:30 Next Level Martial Arts @ the Event Stage
1:45 Goat Grooming @ Pigeon Creek Field
2:00 Coventry Community Chorus @ the Event Stage
2:00 Cow Plop Bingo (game 1) @ Pigeon Creek Field
2:15 Marionette Show @ the Fernbrook Lodge
2:30 OJR Middle School Jazz Band @ the Event Stage
3:00 Annual Ceremony @ the Event Stage
3:15 Piper Parade @ the Fernbrook Lodge
3:30 Fernbrook Derby Goat Race @ the Pigeon Creek Field
4:00 Cow Plop Bingo (game 2) @ the Pigeon Creek Field

Every 1/2 hour Chicken Drop Bingo @ the Campfire Circle