HELP NEEDED! Public Input Requested for Future Building Use at Coventry Woods

Send us your suggestions for potential uses for Paravis Hall and the Stubblebine House

The Board of Supervisors is requesting your help to determine the future use of two buildings in Coventry Woods, the Stubblebine House located at the main entrance of Coventry Woods and Paravis Hall (the lodge).

The Township has spent the last several years securing Paravis Hall to protect it from exposure to the elements and to make it ADA compliant.  The next phase of the project requires a determination on the future use of the building and the feasibility of that proposed use.

The Stubblebine house, most recently was being used by In Ian’s Boots and is now vacant.  Any public use of the building will require ADA compliance, which it currently is not.  The Township must decided the viability of preservation verses demolition and would like public input.

The Board has asked all of its commissions and boards to weigh in with their ideas and is also asking for public input.  Please share your vision through the form below.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.  We are requesting the all responses are received by the Township before December 8th so that a serious discussion can be started about the next phase for the park.

Use Form Below to Submit Your Suggestions

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