Saving Lives Campaign

Campaigned is sponsored by the Norco Fire Company in partnership with LOWE’S of Pottstown, FIRST ALERT, and the North Coventry Township Fire Marshall.

Every year, thousands of people die in house fires.  Just this year alone, nationwide there have been over 1,500 people killed in house fires, 77 of them in Pennsylvania.  Most of these deaths could have been prevented if the home had been equipped with working smoke detectors. 

Sadly, most homes, many with children, do not have working smoke detectors. Recently tragedy struck our local community when a young boy,  just 9 years old, perished in a house fire.  His death, like so many others should not be in vain.

The Norco Fire Company along with its partners have initiated this campaign to raise awareness that SMOKE DETECTORS SAVE LIVES.  They are the first line of defense against most fires, yet there are still too many homes without these life saving devices. 

The campaign provides FREE smoke detectors along with FREE installation for those in need.  If you have NO smoke detectors and are unable to afford to purchase a smoke detector(s) please complete the application on the right.  You will be contacted by a Norco Fire Company representative who will setup an inspection of your home to determine your needs and ensure proper installation.

If you are unsure if your home is properly protected, also complete the form to the right.  A representative of Norco Fire Company will contact you to consult with you on recommended placement for adequate protection.

If you ARE fortunate enough to afford to purchase your own smoke detectors, please feel free to ask us for assistance in what to purchase and we can assist you in installing them.

This campaign  is funded solely on grants and donations.  The time spent for inspections and installations is all performed by volunteers.

Please educate yourself and your family in fire prevention and fire safety practices.

If you know someone who may need assistance with their smoke detector installation or cannot afford to purchase them on their own, please pass this information along to them!

Help us to help you and together we can help others.

Smoke Detector/Inspection Application