Township’s Mill Creek Recommended for Exceptional Value Stream (EV) Status

The Environmental Quality Board of DEP has recommended (and DEP has started the final process) that most of Mill Creek, which starts in North Coventry Township with the pond on St Peter’s Road and flows  into French Creek State Park, should be re-designated as an Exceptional Value stream. This EV classification is the top value stream category (Rock Run and French Creek are EV and Pigeon Creek and Kenilworth Creek are High Quality), and this classification includes the part of the stream in North Coventry. Here is the link to all of the scientific and other findings.

Again, this confirms the special quality of our Township. In 2003 Natural Lands used its Smart Conservation ecological mapping technology to help our Open Space Review Board identify the Township’s priority ecological landscapes.

Using GIS technology and data layers from a wide variety of state and conservation organizations and advisory groups, this Smart Conservation project identifies and ranks by conservation value the Township’s ecological resources in a series of map data layers.  These data layers include potential animal habitat (including mammals, fish, herps and birds), aquatic habitat (including hydric soils, floodplains, forests, riparian buffers and headwaters), and terrestrial habitat (including interior forests and natural vegetation habitats and steep slopes).

Natural Lands created a Smart Conservation Interim Conservation Resources Map that combines the various data layers and identifies those areas of the Township with the highest quality conservation resources.

The Map clearly identified the many areas of the Township that ranks today within the top 10% or 20% of conservation resources throughout our entire region of 15 counties. About 40% of our Township is included in the classification of the top 10 or 20% of this entire 15 county region. This mapping and strategic planning has guided the Township’s Open Space Review Board (OSRB) and the Township in identifying what has priority for preservation.

Submitted by

Chris Washburn
Open Space Review Board, Chairman