Interested in serving North Coventry Township?

The following positions are available: Member (1) Alternate Member (3)

The Zoning Hearing Board is established in accordance with Article IX of the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code, as amended. The Board of Supervisors makes appointments to the five-member Board, (presently consisting of four members). Members of the Zoning Hearing Board must be residents of the Township and may not hold any other office in the Township. Members serve for five-year appointments. Alternate members serve for three-year appointments.

The Zoning Hearing Board assures fair and equitable application of the Township’s Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Hearing Board acts as a decision-making body for hearings related to certain zoning regulations, authorizing special exceptions, interpretations and appeals of the Zoning Ordinance and approving or rejecting variances from the Zoning Ordinance. Zoning Hearing Boards are sometimes referred to as the “smallest court” because their decisions are legally binding, and an appeal of a Zoning Hearing board decision is appealed through the court system.

Interested applicants should review the minimum requirements, duties, and responsibilities of the position carefully. We encourage interested applicants to attend hearings to observe the business of the Board. Applicants shall demonstrate interest in a position by submitting a Volunteer Form to

Zoning Hearing Board Membership Information: Chapter 370-140