Deer Management

The Deer Management Committee meet at 7:30 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of the each month.

Board Members

John Ellwanger
Paul Somogyi
Nick Ficca
John Haibach
Karl Danielsson

Regulated Archery Hunting Program


Hunting within the boundaries of North Coventry Township Open Space Property is a privilege granted by the North Coventry Township Board of Supervisors through the suspension of the North Coventry Township Ordinance 254-14 as it pertains to the “Hunting Activities”. North Coventry Township conducts these hunts in an effort to scientifically manage wildlife populations within the Township and in an effort to preserve a balanced ecosystem while providing ongoing viewing opportunities for the general public. The future success of these hunts depends on the ethical and safe conduct of all those who participate in these hunting programs. If these programs are to continue, each participant must make their safety and the safety of the public, as the first and foremost priority.


White tail deer (Odocoileus virginianus) are an important big game species in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the overpopulation of which can generate public health and safety concerns related to traffic accidents, Lyme disease density, depletion of the understory of woodlands, and damage to private landscaping. It is the responsibility of the Township to recommend and enact means of deer population controls that meet these objectives, such as varieties of regulated hunting. Regulated hunting has been the tool employed and shall follow the guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Through a regulated white tail deer hunting program on the Township’s Open Space Property, North Coventry Township seeks to better manage the white tail deer population by permitting the harvesting of white tail deer populations on such property consistent with current seasons, bag limits and objectives established by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The regulated hunting on the Township’s Open Space property will be permitted in limited areas, as depicted on the attached Deer Management Program Map, and will only be authorized by permit issued by the Township to qualified archery hunters.

2019/2020 Rules and Regulations

Hunting Zone Map

Hunting applications for the 2019/2020 season are now being accepted.  The application can be found in the 2019/2020 Rules and Regulations document above.  The application process will close at the end of business August 1st.