What are your hours of business?

The Township Office is open Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

What is the address of the Township Office?

We are located at:
845 South Hanover Street
Pottstown, PA 19465

Utility Providers:

Water and sewer:

Public sewer and water is available in limited areas in the Township. For details contact:

North Coventry Municipal Authority
North Coventry Water Authority
1485 E Schuylkill Road

Cable TV:

Please direct all of your questions about service or billing to Comcast at 610-323-6400 or to their office at 190 Shoemaker Road, Pottstown.

Where do I vote?”

You may call the Township Office at 610-323-1694 or select this link for the Voting Map.  For more information and forms, contact Chester County Voter Services website or call 610-344-6410.

Where can I get a plot plan of my property?

Chester County provides public access to their Geographic Information System (GIS).   Visit ChescoViews, on the Chester County GIS homepage. This map will not show your exact property line; it is a guide which does not replace a survey. If you have a question regarding property lines, you should hire a reputable land surveyor to survey your property.

Where can I find Township Ordinances?

Click here.

Have a complaint?

Property maintenance, non-emergency road issues, etc. Download the complaint form from the document library. Complete the form and email, fax or return to the Township Office.  

This is NOT a Police form; it is a Township Office form only.

Does the Township provide trash hauling?

No. Homeowners may choose which private hauler they want to pick up trash and recyclables.  Some suggestions are listed.  

D&L Disposal
AJ Blosenski
Waste Management
JP Mascaro
Ches-Mont Disposal
Diamond Waste Disposal

Is there a place in the Township for disposal of large items, such as furniture, old computers, appliances, etc.?

There is not a “disposal” site in the Township.

However,  the Lanchester Landfill will accept electronics including TVs, computers and appliances for free. There is a 3 item limit per visit and you must provide identification to prove your live in Chester County. Please visit the Chester County Solid Waste Authority website for more information.

Recycling Services is located in the Township and accepts recyclable items for a fee; including electronics. They are a non-profit organization with an alternative energy resource center, community center, and are a home base for people who wish to live greener lives. Please visit Recycling Services website for more information. 

Does the Township require residents and businesses to recycle?

Yes. The Township requires residents to recycle newspaper, glass, aluminum, and leaves. Businesses are required to recycle office paper, cardboard, aluminum and leaves.

Does the Township provide leaf pick up?

Yes and No. In areas with curbing and stormwater drains, the Township does vacuum up leaves. Streets without curbing, the Township does not vacuum up the leaves. Your trash hauler must provide 3 days of leaf pickup in the fall and once in the spring.

For a fee, throughout the year, the Township offers yard waste pick up.  Fees and guidelines are available on the Yard-Waste-Pick-Up form.  Return the completed form, along with payment, to the Township Office.  Payment and form must be received before the scheduled pick up week.

Is there a composting site in the Township?

Yes.  For a fee, residents may drop off leaves and branches in biodegradable bags or in bulk at Arborganic Acres.  Arborganic Acres is located in the township at 901 Cherry Hill Lane, Pottstown 19465.

Who is responsible for road maintenance?

The Township Road Crew is responsible for maintaining Township owned roads.

PennDOT is responsible for maintaining state roads.  Contact PennDOT at 484-340-3201.

What should I do about a dead animal (deer, fox, squirrel, bird, etc.) in my yard or on a roadway?

The Township road crew cannot remove animals from private property or the roadway.  It is the responsibility of the PA Game Commission to remove wild animals.  You must contact the PA Game Commission at 610-926-3136.

Which fire company covers my neighborhood?

NORCO Fire Company. Visit their web site at www.norcofireco.org.

Are there guidelines for Garage and Yard Sales?

Yes.  Click here to learn more