What are your hours of business?

Township and Police Administration:8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

How do I get to the Township Building?

The Township Building is located at 845 S Hanover Street, just a 1/10 of a mile south of Route 724. From Route 100, take Rt 724 east to South Hanover Street. Turn right. The township building is .1 miles south on the right hand side (located nest to the West Mont Christian Academy). View Map

Where can I find the Township Ordinances?

All the township ordinances can be found online.  Click Here

Does the Township provide trash hauling?

No. Homeowners can choose which private haulers they want to pick up trash and recyclables.  Some of the haulers are listed below:

D&L Disposal 610-705-0875
AJ Blosenski 610-942-2707
Waste Management 610-367-1300
BFI 800-836-2143
JP Mascaro 610-779-8807 (Commercial Service Only)
Ches-Mont Disposal 610-584-5450
Diamond Waste Disposal 484-985-8088

Haulers collection days vary, depending on which company a resident chooses. Please contact the hauler for details.

Does the Township require residents and businesses to recycle?

Yes. The Township requires residents to recycle newspaper, glass, aluminum, and leaves. Businesses are required to recycle office paper, cardboard, aluminum and leaves.

Does the Township provide leaf pick up?

Yes and No. In areas with curbing and stormwater drains, the Township does vacuum up leaves. Streets without curbing, the Township does not vacuum up the leaves. Your trash hauler must provide 3 days of leaf pickup in the fall and once in the spring.

For a fee, throughout the year, the Township offers yard waste pick up.  Fees and guidelines are available on the Yard-Waste-Pick-Up.  Return the completed form, along with payment, to the Township Office.  Payment and form must be received before the scheduled pick up week.

Is there a composting site in the Township?

Yes.  For a small fee, residents may drop off leaves and branches in biodegradable bags or in bulk at Arborganic Acres.  Arborganic Acres is located at 901 Cherry Hill Lane, Pottstown 19465.  See our recycling page for their website link.

Is there a place in the Township for disposal of large items, such as furniture, old computers, appliances, etc.?

No.  Please contact your trash hauler for information on bulk items pickup.  The Lanchester Landfill will be accepting electronics including TVs, computers and appliances for free until December of 2016, please visit the Chester County Solid Waste Authority website for more information.

Are water and sewer provided by the Township?

Public sewer and water is available in limited areas in the Township. For details contact:

North Coventry Municipal Authority
North Coventry Water Authority
1485 E Schuylkill Road

Where should questions about my cable TV be directed?

Please direct all of your questions about service or billing to Comcast at 610-323-6400 or to their office at 190 Shoemaker Road, Pottstown.

Does specific building/construction, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, etc. work require a permit?

Most projects require a permit.

  • FENCES – permit required when the whole yard is being enclosed with a gate. Fences cannot be higher than 8 feet.
  • SHEDS – if the shed is under 120 square feet, no permit is required. If it is between 120 and 500 square feet, a Zoning Permit is required.  If the shed is over 500 square feet, a Building and Zoning Permit are required.  Setbacks are as follows for all sheds:
    • Zoning District R-1, TC-1, and TC-2 is 10 feet from the side and rear of property and in Zoning District RR and RC, the setback is 25 feet side and rear of the property.  The setbacks must be clearly marked either with paint or flags on the corners.  The Building Inspector must measure the corners before the shed is installed, so please call the township office to schedule this inspection.
  • ABOVE AND IN-GROUND GROUND POOLS, SPA’S or HOT TUB’S – containing water more than 24 inches shall be completely surrounded by a fence or barrier at least 48 inches in height. Gates and doors in such barriers shall be self-closing and self-latching.  Where the self-latching device is less than 54 inches above the bottom of the gate, the release mechanism shall be located on the pool side of the gate.  (This includes portable or inflatable pools.)  Permits are required each time a pool is installed/erected.  Setbacks for all pools are 25 feet from the side and rear of the property, no matter what zoning district you live in.

Contact the Township’s Building/Code Enforcement Department to determine whether or not your project needs a permit at (610) 323-1694.

Does the Township offer any recreational activities and/or summer camps for children?

For details contact parks@northcoventry.us.

Does the Township sponsor any day trips, classes or activities for adults and/or senior citizens?


Can a Township park, pavilion and/or ball field be reserved and how?

Yes, call the Township Office for more information on fees at 610-323-1694 or contact us by email.

What should I do about a dead animal (deer, fox, squirrel, bird, etc.) in my yard or on a roadway?

Call the PA Game Commission at 610-926-3136 to report it.

What are the meeting dates and times for the Township Boards?

Meeting dates and times for each of the Townships Boards and Committees are listed on the Township website. View the Township Calendar.

Who are the supervisors and members of various Township Boards?

Members of each of the Township Boards and Committees are listed on the Township website. Go to Directory.

Are meeting minutes available?

Minutes from the previous meeting must be voted on and approved before they can be posted to our web page for the public. View Meeting Minutes Here.

Where do I vote?

A voting map and list of precincts is located on the Township website. Go to Voting. For more information, contact Chester County Voter Services at (610) 344-6410.

Where do I report a zoning violation?

Complete the Complaint Form and email, fax or return to the Township Office.

What is the zoning of my property?

Township zoning map is available online. Go to Maps.  Zoning maps are also available at the Township Office for a fee.

Where can I get a plot plan of my property?

Chester County provides public access to their Geographic Information System (GIS).   Visit ChescoViews, on the Chester County GIS homepage. This map will not show your exact property line; it is a guide which does not replace a survey. If you have a question regarding property lines, you should hire a reputable land surveyor to survey your property.

Is there a local income tax in North Coventry Township?

Yes. The local income tax is 1.25%. There is also a per capita tax of $9.80 per year. For details go to taxes. Tax Collector for Real Estate and Per Capita taxes is Nance Sparks, Phone 610-970-0334.  Keystone Collections is responsible for collecting the Local EIT, LST and Open Space Taxes, follow this link:  Keystone Collects.

Who is responsible for road maintenance?

The Township Road Crew is responsible for maintaining Township-owned roads. PennDOT is responsible for maintaining state roads.  Contact PennDOT at 484-340-3201.

Which fire company covers my neighborhood?

NORCO Fire Company. Visit their web site at www.norcofireco.org.

Have a Complaint?

Complete this Complaint-Form and email, fax or return to the Township Office.