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Administrative Updates from Township Board of Supervisors Meeting on November 13, 2023

NORTH COVENTRY, PA – November 16, 2023 – The North Coventry Township Board of Supervisors meeting on November 13, 2023, provided administrative updates across various departments. The meeting, chaired by Jim Marks, covered noteworthy developments from the Police Department, Road Crew, Township Manager’s Office, Supervisor Reports, and the Solicitor’s Update.

Police Department Highlights: Chief Matt Diechert shared updates from the Police Report for October, mentioning Officer Vic Machese’s participation in Investigative Training. Chief Deichert highlighted the submission of three grant applications due by the end of November, focusing on their potential impact in August or September 2024. Chief Deichert also announced the availability of a ballistics examiner in Chester County for investigative support. Moreover, the Police Department secured a $2,000 award from PECO, earmarked for upgrading security cameras at the station. Supervisor Carrie Hipple commended the success of the Police Department’s participation in the Trunk or Treat event.

Road Crew Report: Chairman Marks reported that Road Master McKee shared the Road Report for October, with the Road Crew currently engaged in leaf cleanup activities.

Manager’s Office Insights: Township Manager Erica Batdorf provided updates on various fronts, including the preconstruction meeting for the upcoming Starbucks on Glocker Way. Historical Commission calendars are available for purchase at the Township Building or Coventry Parlor. Kimmel Bogrette will present concepts to Township staff on November 17, 2023. Batdorf highlighted attendance at key events such as the Chester County Consortium of Township Managers annual meeting and the CCATO Conference, offering valuable networking opportunities. GVF will host a press event on November 16, 2023, at York Street Park to showcase the Township’s W. Main Street crosswalk and Streets for All projects. Zoning Hearings are scheduled for December 7, 2023, and the Township Offices will be closed for Thanksgiving.

Supervisor and Solicitor Updates: Supervisors Rebekah Elliott, Carrie Hipple, and Vice-Chairman Scheler provided various inquiries and updates, including parking arrangements for the GVF press event, Open Space Review Board meeting postponement, removal of signage sticks, and potential grants for traffic signal work. Chairman Marks was elected President of CCATO for 2024. Supervisor Hipple shared insights from a Police ride-along.

Solicitor’s Report: Solicitor Brown had no public report to share.

These updates showcase the Township’s commitment to transparency, community engagement, and ongoing improvements across diverse sectors. For more detailed information, residents are encouraged to visit the official North Coventry Township website or contact the Township office.