845 S Hanover St
Pottstown, Pa 19465

Approval of Suburbia Shopping Center, L.P. Starbucks Land Development Plan

Date: October 10, 2023

At the October 10th, 2023, of the Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 17-2023, was considered and approved. This resolution pertained to the Suburbia Shopping Center, L.P. Starbucks Land Development Plan.

The background of this approval process began with an application from Suburbia Shopping Center for the establishment of a Starbucks on an undeveloped pad site within the shopping center. The application underwent a comprehensive process, including zoning relief and a land development procedure.

The applicant diligently worked on the submission of plans for review by two consulting firms, LTL Consultants and McMahon Associates. As part of the process, a traffic review was required from the applicant, which yielded satisfactory letters from both consulting firms, indicating that the proposed project met traffic-related requirements.

During the meeting, Township Manager Erica Batdorf discussed key aspects of the traffic study. Specifically, there was a focus on pedestrian access and traffic circulation, particularly concerning tractor-trailers. Notably, the applicant committed to conducting a post-development traffic study within a year of project completion.

Supervisor Carrie Hipple inquired about potential traffic configuration changes, to which Township Manager Batdorf clarified that internal changes to the shopping center layout would occur. Additionally, an easement reservation, recommended by McMahon Associates, was to be implemented at the entrance of Glocker Way.

Chairman Jim Marks emphasized the significance of the traffic study within the approval process. Attorney Bob Brandt, representing the applicant, expressed satisfaction with the overall process and extended his gratitude to the staff for their efforts.

Following these discussions, no further comments were made. Vice-Chairman Rick Scheler made a motion to authorize the approval of Resolution No. 17-2023, which received a second from Supervisor Bill Soumis. The motion was unanimously carried, resulting in the approval of the Suburbia Shopping Center, L.P. Land Development Plan.

This approval marks a significant next step in the development of the Suburbia Shopping Center, bringing a new Starbucks location to the community. The project will proceed with careful consideration of traffic and pedestrian access, ensuring that it aligns with the best interests of the township and its residents.