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DO’s and DON’Ts to Assist the Roads Department for Winter Storms

Winter Weather Advisory

Winter storms can range from moderate snow over a few hours to a blizzard lasting several days. Regardless of the severity of a winter storm, North Coventry Township wants the community to be prepared and remain safe during these events. Many winter storms bring low temperatures, strong winds, sleet, and freezing rain. The Township recognizes the importance of snow removal, and to help us during a snow event, urge our property owners to do the following:

Do NOT shovel, plow, or blow snow from your property onto the roadway, as this causes a hazardous condition for all vehicles.

Do NOT have portable basketball nets, hockey nets, or other obstructions in the roadway. Basketball hoops obstruct the driver’s view and can break mirrors and cabs. This causes delay, and expense, and poses a potential hazard to the driver.

Do NOT place trashcans or other receptacles in the roadway.

Do NOT park vehicles in the street unless the street has been entirely cleared.

Do NOT park vehicles in cul-de-sacs at any time. Vehicles are not permitted to park within cul-de-sacs at any time, regardless of a winter weather event pursuant to Township Ordinance Chapter 340, Section 21, Vehicles and Traffic. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas could be towed at owner’s expense or cited.

Do NOT permit children to play in and around the edge of the roadway.



DO make sure mailboxes are properly secured and cleared.

DO be patient. All roads will be cleared as soon as possible.

DO shovel out fire hydrants if they are located on your property. Doing so will help the Fire Company in the event there is a need to locate and operate a hydrant.

DO keep the stormwater inlet open near your property to avoid icing and flooding conditions.

DO be aware of the Township’s Snow Emergency Ordinance Chapter 340, Article V, available on the North Coventry Township on our website at www.northcoventrytownship.com. Follow updates on our website and on our Facebook page, “North Coventry Township,” for storm-related information.

Additionally, after a severe storm, the Township Road crew clear roads and rights-of-way of fallen trees/branches (not in electric wires) only when impeding traffic and accessibility. Should trees/branches belonging to a property owner fall on a road or right-of-way, the road crew will clear the abstraction from the roadway – but it is the responsibility of the homeowner for its proper disposal. On state roads, PennDOT is responsible for removing trees and must be contacted for removal.

Winter road maintenance is completed by Township Road employees. Adhering to these measures allows for safer travel conditions for both the employee and resident. We appreciate your patience as crews work to make streets safer and passable for travel during winter weather events.

Patience, courtesy, and forethought are critical to making winter driving safe for all. Thank you for helping us help those who travel through North Coventry Township.