845 S Hanover St
Pottstown, Pa 19465

The Zoning Hearing Board of North Coventry Township, Chester County, PA, will meet on Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 7:00 p.m., at the North Coventry TownshipBuilding, 845 South Hanover Street, Pottstown, PA, to hold a Public Hearing on the Application of Suburbia Shopping Center 3, LP, the owner of 25.2 acres located at Unit 7, Glocker Way in the Suburbia Square Shopping Center.  Applicant proposes to construct a 2,230 sq.ft. Starbucks restaurant with a drive-through on an existing pad site.  To proceed, Applicant requires the following relief from the Zoning Ordinance: (1) a Special Exception in accordance with section 370-21.B(2)(a) to permit a Fast-Food restaurant; (2) a Variance from section 370-65.B(3) to permit the drive-through window to be located adjacent to a residential use; (3) a Variance from Sections 370-101.A(3) and370-101.B(3) to allow three freestanding/ground mounted signs; and (4) variance from Section 370-99 to permit the Starbucks logo on the directional signs.  The property is located in the C-1 Commercial Zoning District and is identified as Chester County UPI No. 17-7-72.9.  All interested parties who appear at the hearing will be heard.  The ZoningHearing Board may conduct such other business as may properly come before it.  Any person desiring to attend the hearing who requires special accommodations should contact Township Manager, Erica Batdorf, at 610-323-1694 before 4:00 pm on March 16, 2023.



By:      Edward DiCesare, Chairman

Kenneth E. Picardi, Solicitor