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North Coventry Township Board of Supervisors Approves Land Studies Proposal for Bickel Run MS4 Streambank Restoration Project

North Coventry Township, June 27, 2023 — The Board of Supervisors convened on June 12, 2023, for their regular meeting, during which they took a step towards the restoration of the Bickel Run streambank. The Board considered and approved the authorization of the Land Studies proposal, aimed at addressing the necessary measures required for the MS4 program.

Under the guidance of Township Manager Batdorf, North Coventry Township has been diligently working alongside LTL Consultants to meet the requirements of the MS4 program. As part of the permitting cycle set to continue until 2025, the Township has been engaged in various activities, including training, community involvement, and sediment load reduction. In an effort to assess Township-owned properties that have been affected and to address impaired streams as per the DEP’s guidelines, the Township initiated a comprehensive evaluation a year and a half ago. Kenilworth Park and Bickel Run were identified as areas in need of attention, with preliminary surveys highlighting the complex factors that must be considered, including geomorphic assessments.

Recognizing the importance of focusing efforts on the Bickel Run project, the Township aims to obtain the necessary permits from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Army Corps of Engineers. In the pursuit of funding opportunities, the Township previously applied for grants but was unfortunately denied. This prompted the realization that further investigation and preparation are required to strengthen future grant applications. To this end, the Township has chosen to collaborate with Land Studies, a renowned organization known for its expertise in MS4 projects. The partnership with Land Studies is expected to yield mutual benefits and increase the Township’s appeal when seeking grants for the restoration project.

Township Manager Batdorf emphasized that the funds allocated to Land Studies will be drawn from the General Fund and have been included in the 2023 budget. Through careful financial planning and consideration, the Township has accounted for this expenditure.

During the meeting, Vice-Chairman Rick Scheler motioned to approve the Land Studies proposal for the Bickel Run MS4 project, amounting to $3,000. Supervisor Carrie Hipple seconded the motion, which was met with unanimous support from the Board of Supervisors.