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Consider Approval to Advertise the Proposed 2023 Budget – 

Please see the Proposed Budget for the General Fund, Open Space and Liquid Fuels Fund for 2023. 

Township staff administered our budget process for 2023, conducting two workshops with the Board on October 21, 2022, and November 15, 2022. 

The Township is not unique in that we are experiencing the pressure of inflation and market trends. Township staff have reviewed existing contracts and services in consideration of measures to provide financial or operational efficiencies.

After much examination of Township reserve position, the Township is looking to manage a General Fund deficit in the amount of $199,217.21 using a combination, 50% reserve in the amount of $99,608.61 and the remainder funded through a 6.5% tax increase, raising our millage from 3.08 mills to 3.28 mills. 

Public comments are welcome. The Township will advertise the proposed budget with a plan for adoption at the Board of Supervisors December 28, 2022 Meeting.   The meeting begins at 7pm at the Township building.