845 S Hanover St
Pottstown, Pa 19465


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the North Coventry Township Zoning Hearing Board will conduct an in-person public hearing on August 5, 2021, beginning at 7:00 p.m., at the North Coventry Township Building, 845 South Hanover Street, Pottstown, PA.  This hearing is for the following:

Application No. 2021-01 filed by American Heritage Federal Credit Union, equitable owner of property located at 351 West Schuylkill Road, in the C-1 (Commercial) Zoning District.  Applicant seeks to subdivide the 50.6-acre parcel into two parcels, with Lot A being 1.08 acres and containing a financial institution use/structure only, and Lot B being 49.5 acres and containing the shopping center/mall (Coventry Mall) and retail use (CVS).  Applicant intends to convert the existing financial institution to an American Heritage Federal Credit Union financial institution.  No major construction is proposed, and the footprint of the existing improvements will remain the same.  In connection with the proposed project, Applicant requests the following variances from the North Coventry Township Zoning Ordinance:

As to Lot A:

As to Lot B:

Applicant also requests that any zoning relief that might be granted in this matter not expire for an additional 18 months, as provided for by Section 370-150B.

Anyone interested in reviewing this Application may obtain a copy by contacting the North Coventry Township Office by telephone at 610-323-1694, or by e-mail at admin@northcoventry.us.  At the time of the hearing, any interested person will be given full opportunity to be heard.  If any person desiring to participate requires special accommodations, that person should contact the Township no later than August 4, 2021, at the phone number or e-mail address above.

The Zoning Hearing Board reserves the right to conduct such other business as may come before it.



                                                                        ZONING HEARING BOARD


By:       Edward DiCesare, Chairman

Kenneth E. Picardi, Solicitor