845 S Hanover St
Pottstown, Pa 19465



The Zoning Hearing Board of North Coventry Township, Chester County, PA, will meet on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, at 7:00 p.m., at the North Coventry Township Building, 845 South Hanover Street, Pottstown, PA, to hold Public Hearings on the following Applications:

(1)       No. 2023-02:  Michael Tosco and Antonella Satiro, owners of 1378 S. Hanover Street, have requested a variance from Section 370-21.B to change the previous commercial use as a real estate office back to a residential use.  The property is located in the C-1 Zoning District and is identified as Chester County Tax Parcel No. 17-7-75.

(2)       No. 2023-03:  Pennmark Coventry Holdings, LLC, et al, owner of 351 W. Schuylkill Rd. (the Coventry Mall), in the Commercial (C-1) Zoning District, desires to sell off the approx. 1.4-acre CVS pad site.  To proceed, Pennmark requires the following 5  variances:

            (i)  A variance from Section 370-21.C(1)(d) to allow impervious coverage of 77% where a maximum of 70% is permitted.

            (ii)  A variance from Section 370-21.C(1)(f)(2) to allow a side/rear yard setback of 23.5 where 25 feet is required.

            (iii)  A variance from Section 370-87.D to allow 76 parking spaces, where a reciprocal Parking and access easement between the CVS lot and the remainder of the mall parcel will be provided.

            (iv)  A variance from Section 370-21.C(1)(d) – de minimus to expand the existing nonconforming impervious surface ratio of 88.7% to 91% where 70% is required.

            (v)  A variance to extend the expiration of any zoning relief granted pursuant to Section 370-150.B.


Interested parties may appear at one or both hearings and will be heard.  The Zoning Hearing Board reserves the right to conduct such other business as may properly come before it.  Persons with disabilities wishing to attend the Public Hearing(s), and who require auxiliary aid, service or other accommodation to attend and/or participate, should contact Township Manager Erica Batdorf at (610) 323-1694 on or before October 24, 2023.

Edward DiCesare

Kenneth E. Picardi