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Supervisors’ Reports from July 24, 2023

At each Board of Supervisors meeting, there is an agenda item titled Supervisors’ Reports. This is the portion of the meeting that affords each Board member an opportunity to communicate miscellaneous matters of interest or concern. Here are the updates from the July 24, 2023 Supervisors’ meeting regarding various matters:

  1. Keim Street Bridge Update:
    • Supervisor Rebekah Elliot inquired about the status of the Keim Street bridge replacement. Township Manager Erica Batdorf noted that there is a scheduled bidding process tentatively scheduled to begin in September 2023 through Montgomery County in collaboration with Traffic Planning and Design. No other information is known.
  2. Road Closure Signage:
    • Vice-Chairman Rick Scheler raised a concern about proper signage for road closures. He requested that “Road Closed” signs be placed at the ends of the streets when roads are closed for maintenance or other reasons. He pointed out that Laurelwood Road had been closed on a recent Sunday but was not properly posted to inform drivers.
  3. Open Space Meeting Cancellation:
    • Vice-Chairman Scheler informed the group that the Open Space meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday, July 25, 2023, had been canceled.
  4. Chairman’s Ride-Along with Officer Machese:
    • Chairman Jim Marks shared his positive experience from a recent ride-along with Officer Machese on Friday, July 21, 2023. He expressed satisfaction with Officer Machese’s knowledge and expertise during the ride-along. He extended his gratitude to the Police Department for allowing him to accompany Officer Machese.
  5. Norco Fair Results:
    • Chairman Marks reported that the Norco Fair had been successful, with gross revenue of approximately $65,000. The Fire Company has anticipated a net profit of around $25,000 to $30,000 to benefit the Norco Fire Company from the 2023 fair. He mentioned that the event had relatively low incidents and was well attended.
  6. Paving Updates:
    • Supervisor Bill Soumis acknowledged the successful and cost-effective paving of  South Keim Street from Route 724 to Harvey Lane. The work was completed satisfactorily.
  7. Road Condition Updates:
    • Supervisor Elliott provided updates on road conditions. She mentioned that Temple Road and Kutz Drive were in good condition.
  8. Fair Parking Sign Removal:
    • Supervisor Carrie Hipple brought up the issue of parking signs for the fair that were still present on Rt. 724. Chief Deichert assured that he would take care of removing these signs.

These updates were discussed and shared during the Supervisors’ Report Agenda item at the Board of Supervisors meeting providing insights into various ongoing projects, road conditions, and recent events within the Township.