845 S Hanover St
Pottstown, Pa 19465

Supervisor’s Reports

At the August 28th, 2023, Board of Supervisors meeting, various updates and announcements were offered.

Supervisor Elliott’s Report

Supervisor Elliott initiated the reports by seeking an update on the Starbucks project located on Glocker Way. Township Manager Batdorf responded with the following key points:

  • Plan Review: The Township is actively engaged in reviewing the plans for the Starbucks development, indicating that due diligence is being exercised to assess the project thoroughly.
  • LTL Consultants: LTL Consultants have recently submitted a revised letter, suggesting that collaborative efforts are ongoing, possibly to address concerns or incorporate changes.
  • McMahon’s Traffic Review: McMahon’s traffic review letter has been received, highlighting the attention being given to the traffic-related aspects of the development. This review is crucial for ensuring safety and traffic flow in the area.
  • September Resolution: Supervisor Elliott conveyed that Starbucks is expected to come before the Board in September for a Resolution of Approval. This likely pertains to modifications made to the land development process and may involve a financial agreement.

Chairman Marks’ Report

Chairman Marks provided updates on several significant matters during the meeting:

  • Limerick Drill Check-In: Chairman Marks announced that a planning meeting for the Limerick Drill is scheduled for Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at the Township Building. This event, involving coordination with the County at 7:00 p.m., is to prepare for the September 26th, 2023 drill.
  • CCATO Conference: The Fall 2023 CCATO Conference is set for November 9, 2023, at Mendenhall Inn. Registration will open in September, and Township Manager Batdorf will be responsible for registering attendees, demonstrating the township’s active involvement in regional events and networking opportunities.
  • PMRPC Meeting: Chairman Marks, along with Supervisor Soumis, reported on their attendance at a PMRPC meeting. During this meeting, they were presented with plans by PART (Pottstown Area Rapid Transit) for the Pottstown area. This reflects the township’s commitment to staying informed about regional transportation developments.

Supervisor Hipple’s Inquiry

Supervisor Hipple sought an update on traffic lights within the township. In response, Township Manager Batdorf provided valuable information:

  • Traffic Lights Update: The status of traffic lights in the township is contingent on the grant announcement expected in the next few months. This suggests proactive efforts to secure funding for addressing traffic-related concerns. In the meantime, Signal Service is actively engaged in preemption work and the installation of battery backup units, signifying a commitment to improving traffic infrastructure.