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Township Advances Restoration of Paravis Hall in Coventry Woods

North Coventry Township, [2023-07-24] – North Coventry Township is proud to announce significant progress in the restoration efforts of Paravis Hall, formerly known as Fernbrook Lodge, situated within the picturesque Coventry Woods Park. The Township has taken a significant step forward by awarding the bid for alterations to L.J. Paolella Construction, Inc. The decision reflects the Township’s commitment to preserving its historical and natural assets for future generations.

Township Manager Erica Batdorf revealed that the bid evaluation process concluded with the selection of L.J. Paolella Construction, Inc., a Delaware County-based company, renowned for its expertise in construction and preservation projects. The selection was made after receiving four proposals through PennBid, with L.J. Paolella’s bid standing as the most competitive at $558,000.  It was noted that this restoration project is being financed through Open Space funds.

Vice-Chairman Rick Scheler emphasized the timeline for the completion of the project, setting a six-month timeframe for L.J. Paolella Construction to finalize the alterations. In the event of delays, a $500 per day penalty will be imposed on the contractor. Vice-Chairman Scheler also highlighted that the project does not incorporate expenses related to the parking lot or the relocation of the light pole.

Upon completion of L.J. Paolella Construction’s work, Township Manager Batdorf shared insights into the forthcoming steps of the restoration project. Township staff will commence planning for the interior outfitting of Paravis Hall, which includes the integration of a catering kitchen and the installation of a comprehensive security system. The management of the building will also be subject to discussions, further enhancing the potential of Paravis Hall as a versatile and cherished community space.

Supervisor Carrie Hipple motioned to authorize the award of the bid for the Fernbrook Lodge alterations to L.J. Paolella Construction, Inc., accepting the base bid without alterations for $558,000. This motion was seconded by Vice-Chairman Scheler and was unanimously carried, reflecting the Township’s united determination to see this restoration project to its successful completion.

As North Coventry Township takes substantial strides in the restoration of Paravis Hall, the community eagerly anticipates the transformation of this historic structure into a vibrant hub for community engagement, education, and celebration.