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Township Approves Extending Five-Year Funding Commitment for Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee (PARRC)

NORTH COVENTRY, PA – November 15, 2023 – The North Coventry Township Board of Supervisors convened for its regularly scheduled meeting on November 13, 2023, one of the agenda items was a discussion on the extension of the Township’s agreement with the Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee (PARRC).

Tricia McCloskey, PARRC Planner, provided the Board with an insightful presentation highlighting PARRC’s achievements since its inception and its invaluable contributions to North Coventry Township. Ms. McCloskey informed the Board that an eighth township had been added to the committee in 2022. Additionally, she explained that contributions from member townships had seen a slight increase, primarily to support the addition of a part-time employee.

During the meeting, Ms. McCloskey emphasized the significant impact PARRC has had on North Coventry Township, securing close to $1 million in grants. She acknowledged the potential volatility of grant funding due to economic factors but reassured the Board that PARRC had recently established a non-profit arm to provide additional financial support.

Tricia McCloskey, who has been working with the Township since 2021, played a crucial role in various projects, including the Boat Dock, Bickel Run Master Plan, Pickleball Courts, and the successful closure of Riverside Playground grants. Township Manager Batdorf expressed gratitude for Ms. McCloskey’s hard work and inquired about PARRC’s expectations from member Townships.

In response, Tricia McCloskey emphasized the importance of Townships bringing forth ideas tailored to their individual needs. She highlighted current trends in recreation planning, including a focus on ADA accessibility and the inclusion of diverse populations.

With no further comments, Supervisor Rebekah Elliott motioned to authorize the approval of Resolution No. 22-2023, approving the Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee’s Five-Year Funding Commitment. Supervisor Carrie Hipple seconded the motion, and it was unanimously carried.

The North Coventry Township remains committed to enhancing recreational opportunities for its residents through continued collaboration with PARRC, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive community for years to come.