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Date and Time:   March 11, Saturday, 5:30 p.m.

Location: Coventry Woods – Jones Road entrance, 2375 Jones Road, Pottstown, 19465. 

Have you ever gone on a “snipe hunt”?  Here is your chance!

This evening nature walk will target the American Woodcock, also known as the Timberdoodle, on its singing ground.  Join us for a brief evening bird walk, after which we will settle in to (hopefully) hear and observe male woodcocks during their courtship displays in the dusk twilight.  Last year on this date and at this location, 10 American Woodcocks were observed! 

Bring a flashlight, binoculars, and dress for the weather.

Date and Time:   March 11, Saturday, 5:30 p.m.
Location: Coventry Woods – Jones Road entrance, 2375 Jones Road, Pottstown, 19465. 
Follow the driveway up the hill to the indicated parking area near the pole barn.

Leaders:  Patty and John Werth, 484-985-8164 (h) or 215-859-1148 (c), or


Dear Amphibian Friends,

Happy Decennial Anniversary! This is the TENTH YEAR that we have been helping the amphibians cross St. Peters and Wells Roads. Yes, with the help of all of you, the North Coventry Township officials and the North Coventry Police we have helped many, many amphibians migrate safely.

Looks like this Winter is over (if we can call that a Winter). Who says Global Warming is just a hoax?? I’ve gathered up all of our vests, cones and barriers and now we just need to wait for a rainy night.

Our migrations can begin at any time now and are usually finished by early April. On average we have about 3 or 4 nights that we may need to be outside helping the amphibians cross. Here are the three conditions that need to be met if there is going to be a migration:

  1. Temperatures above freezing
  2. Actively raining or very wet
  3. Dark

The safety of our volunteers is of utmost importance.  Any children must have VERY close parental supervision and stay on Wells Road, which the North Coventry Township and North Coventry Police allow us to close so the children can watch and help the amphibians. 

Guidelines for Volunteers
  • Please come dressed for the weather. Bring a flashlight (head lamps are popular), rain gear, and a non-metallic bucket. Safety vests will be given out at check-in.
  • Wells Rd. will be closed from Saint Peters Rd. down to a coned off area. It is best to drive in from Hill Camp Rd., onto Wells Rd. and park on the right side of Wells Rd. up to the cones.
  • Walk up and check-in at my blue Highlander at the top of St. Peters Rd. and Wells Rd. before heading out onto St. Peters Rd. You will be given instructions and a vest.
  • Volunteers will position themselves on a segment of St. Peters Rd. and watch that section. The majority of amphibians need help crossing St. Peters Rd. directly in front of the vernal pool and short distance to the north.
  • If a vehicle approaches, you will pick up any amphibians that are in danger and help them cross the road in the direction that they were heading. Sometimes it is very hard to tell so we take them to the side most amphibians are travelling. Bare clean hands are best so it doesn’t interfere with the protective coating on the amphibian’s skin.
  • We are NOT allowed to impede traffic in any way.
  • Try to keep a rough tally of what kind of amphibians you see, how many you see, and which way they are crossing. When you are finished volunteering for the night, please checkout and let us know what you tallied.  The migration usually begins at dusk and the traffic slows by 9 or 10 depending on what night of the week it is. 

If you received this email, you are on the email alert list. This means I will send out an email alert to let you know if I think the weather conditions are optimal for a migration.  I try to get an email out around lunchtime. If evening comes and you are still in doubt whether to come out, call my home number or cell. Mother Nature is very fickle and I can only take a good guess at what the amphibians are going to decide to do on a certain night.

Thank you,

Kim White, Coordinator of Volunteers

*If you would like to be taken off the volunteer email alert list, please let me know (otherwise you will be receiving a lot of emails in February and March). If you know of someone that would like to be added, please send me his or her name and email address.

From the Archives……of the NCPD


On September 10th 1959 North Coventry Police Chief Daniel Guldin died in the line of duty while arresting a suspect for drunk and disorderly conduct.  In 2001, then Chief Mike Benyo wrote this letter below in support of the former Chief’s  inclusion in the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

Read more in this 2011 article by the Pottstown Mercury 



Kenilworth Park Tree Removal Concerns Addressed

Parks and Recreation has received questions from residents upset about trees being cut in the disc golf course at Kenilworth Park. To address those concerns, here are a few points in regard to the tree removal. 
  • The only trees being removed are Ailanthus, an invasive species from Asia.
  • The removal of ailanthus is critical because of the introduction of the spotted lantern fly, an Asian insect that has the capability to decimate many native species including agricultural species such as fruit trees and grapes.
  • The stumps of the cut trees are being left high during winter time cutting so the stumps can be recut and painted with herbicide during the growing season to keep the trees from re-growing from stump sprouts. 
  • Replanting will be done with native species after the removal process has been completed. 

Hope this answers some of the concerns. It is Parks & Recreation Commission mission to manage and maintain the township parks to the highest and best possible standards.

North Coventry Web Site Restored

The township web site has been fully restored.  New security protections have been put in place to prevent malware from attacking the site.  We will continue to rebuild, restore and improve the site to better serve our community. We again appreciate your patience and understanding and again apologize for any inconvenience they may have caused.

Web Site Crashed

In December, our web site was subjected to a malware attack that compromised our web site and eventually broke it.  We are working diligently to restore its content and provide a stable and safe web environment to provide information about North Coventry Township.  We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are in need of help or have any questions please contact the Township Office at 610-323-1694 or email us at